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Hi! I'm Flerine, An award-winning PR + Communications strategist by trade and a creative desperado at heart, my mind is a playground of cultural factoids and new ideas. My body craves stillness+motion and my soul yearns for curious delights. i’m based in la + travel all over.

Though I’ve built an abundant career in the food & travel industries,
i still can’t get enough.

There are so many pockets of time and corners of the world ready for me to explore. Between the kitchen + the office + the studio + the stage — I’ve learned to treat inspiration like magic. Because when inspiration visits me — however fleeting — I welcome her into my home, and together we make shit happen. creativity is the driver and i am her destination. Therefore, I’m no discriminator of discipline. i’m a singer who loves cooking + a hobbyist burlesque dancer who practices yoga + a feminist qpoc in a cishet body + a trauma survivor who builds resilience + an insatiable vagabond who still loves the comforts of home.

Born in Olongapo, Subic Bay, I’m a Southern California blossomed + North Carolina ripened + Brooklyn bred powerhouse who is Fiercely self-taught in almost every skill from HTML coding to herbal remedying, I am contributing to — and learning from — American culture as an unapologetic filipina-american immigrant through occupying spaces in:

  • PUBLIC RELATIONS Pulling up a seat at the table in board rooms where decisions are being made

  • healing arts — taking up space outdoors and getting back to nature

  • culinary arts — connecting ethnographic and historical perspectives with contemporary social issues through food

  • performance & recording arts — interpreting human experiences through singing, spoken word, and character roles

  • cultural programming — producing curated events and MULTImedia PROJECTS

  • language arts — writing for myself, brands, and others through expository, persuasive, narrative, and/or descriptive prose + poetry

I’m all about engaging in dialogue that blurs the binaries, lifts the veil, and takes you behind the curtain, if you want to talk about the weather for 5 mins, i’m likely not your gal. but if you want to dismantle white supremacy…or throw shade at your roommate’s questionable tinder date…or reminisce about your myspace days... then you’ve got me for hours. Wanna talk about the intersection of food + culture + identity? you’ve got me for a lifetime. spill that tea, my friend — i will drink it up.

It’s a weird wide world out there. I passionately and intensely believe in celebrating ourselves, uplifting each other, and learning FROM our communities — one delicious bite at a time.