My #FurtheringJourney

"The phrase “two halves of life” was first popularized by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist. He says that there are two major tasks. In the first half [of life] you've got to find your identity, your significance; you create your ego boundaries, your ego structure, what I call “the creating of the container.” But that's just to get you started. In the second half of life, once you've created your ego structure, you finally have the courage to ask: What is this all for? What am I supposed to do with this? Is it just to protect it, to promote it, to defend it, or is there some deeper purpose? The search for meaning is the task of the second half of life."  -- Richard Rohr

Today is my 28th birthday. 2018 is about new beginnings. 
Here's a recap of the journey I'm about to embark on:

NOVEMBER 23, 2017
Ever since I came back from the Philippines, an evolving soul-searching process led me to leave my “glam” but rather toxic PR career entirely. 
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DECEMBER 10, 2017
I feel inspired. I want to reignite all of the artistic muscles that have been atrophying and quench the creative juices that have been drying up while sitting at a desk in a cubicle all these years.
In 2018, I’m recalibrating and re-engaging my relationship with the world as an artist. I just left my corporate job, and now I am leaving New York City. 
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DECEMBER 18, 2017
The city lights called me
And her beckon weakened my knees
I learned and I lived
Only now to trade this concrete jungle
For beaches, mountains, and trees

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JANUARY 3, 2018
We’re each starting new chapters today!! Sending love and good energy to this goof as he ventures off to do amazing things in LA while I’m recalibrating in Las Vegas. 
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JANUARY 13, 2018
Though I love the woman that I am, I’m just now starting to truly like the person I am becoming. 
I hope in this next year of growth I will CREATE more than CONSUME.

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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— C. G. Jung