Let your booty do that yoga

I started practicing yoga more purposefully and intentionally in November, when I left my corporate job. I wanted to do something more active with my body while punctuating my new freelance schedule. My great love inspired me to try #YogaWithAdriene sessions in our living room 2-3 times a week (thank you, Chris).I never found yoga studios to be the right fit for me (and I couldn’t afford them anyways), so the at-home practice really helped me focus on the experience without the pressure, and made yoga accessible to me anytime I need it.

I had a hard time concentrating on my breath at first, and trusting my body. As an impatient perfectionist, I kept pushing myself to land each pose “correctly” while still running a to-do list in my head — instead of actually listening to what my body was telling me.

I now practice #yogaeverydamnday, and not just because of #YWAtrue. I genuinely look forward to creating space for it in my day, and making it a part of my lifestyle as regular as morning coffee and brushing teeth. Whether it’s a 10-minute morning wakeup practice or a deep stretch hour-long meditation, I am appreciating what yoga is teaching me and cultivating for my psyche.

Beyond the mat, yoga helps me slow down, pay attention, elevate awareness, make connections, seek truth, build strength, heal pain, appreciate stillness.

I was once always too insecure to post any photos of my newfound relationship with yoga. There are so many more experienced and practiced “yogis” with more informative/empowering content on this platform than what I ever thought I could contribute. But then I experienced my first #GongBath last night — a cleansing sonic massage that helped recalibrate my intentions and quite literally drowned out the noise in my head.

It’s no secret that I’m entering a new era of my life. It would be a disservice to myself and the truth of this #FurtheringJourney to omit the healing powers that yoga’s tools have supplied me with to move forward.  I want to bring visibility to results AND the process. So here’s my first yoga photo of me breathing imperfectly into a pose with all it’s unrefined edges.


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This  #ToUnite #LegsUpAWall pose is a metaphor for this stage in my journey:

🔅 Being OK with the need for support

🔅 To appreciate that the framework (of my life) has my back

🔅 That it’s OK to not hold myself up on my own all of the fucking time

🔅 That it’s OK to feel new and uncomfortable

🔅 That it’s OK to surrender control and lean on others

Baby, bend over. Baby, bend over. Let your booty do that yoga.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Namaste ✌🏽