January 6, 2019

This little moment brought me hope that there are still parents out there who take the time to #OptOutside when spending time with their children. Abalaone Cove Shoreline Park and Ecological Preserve is a free public park (+vehicle parking fees) where able-bodied folks can hike, explore, learn & discover — with a level of trust that visitors will treat the ecosystem with respect. It’s amazing to see that we can #keepnaturewild  if we stay curious and mindful. While I think there is some educational value to #aquariums — I find it more fulfilling and humbling to learn about tidepool creatures in their natural habitats. When we touch and feel these creatures in enclosed tanks and manmade tubs, we are learning passively that these animals are used here for our education/entertainment — for our intellectual advancement.  To the contrary, when we explore and discover animals in nature, we witness first-hand that these are actually living and breathing creatures existing in their natural environment.

I hope we keep teaching young minds that context is everything.

Your sushi and ramen wouldn’t be here without Japan.

Your chai wouldn’t be here without India.

Your tacos would not be here without Mexico.


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The other day I tried to share my exciting experience at Abalone Cove with my pops on the phone and his reaction was (as usual) a smattering of: - isn’t that treacherous for a girl? - why are you spending so much time outside? you’re going to get dark As if darker skin is threatening. As if the sun and the earth and the water are dangerous places I must evade to be safe. As if I am only allowed to exist gated and hidden from the very elements that give us life. So here’s to reclaiming space outside and reconnecting with nature and continuing this journey of decolonizing the mind + body + spirit + soul. It’s ongoing and it’s challenging, but it is healing and beautiful. More reflections on this coming soon as I sit with it for a while longer. Hiking and yoga have been some of the most formative aspects of me learning to live with my PTSD. I can’t let the microaggressions manipulate the healing process. I’ve decided to commit to the #52hikechallenge as I approach my 29th birthday. Week one begins January 13th! Do you live with PTSD? What are some tools punctuating your days / weeks / months / years that help you cope with it in your life? • • • • • • #earthwordflow #hikingculture #takemoreadventures #growingupfilipino #magandangmorenx #microaggressions #unlikelyhikers #diversityinadventure #diversifyoutdoors #outdoorasian #thegreatoutdoors #womenwhohike #wehiketoheal #wildernessculture #parksproject #theoutbound #stayandwander #ptsd #traumasurvivor #52weekchallenge2019 #hikecalifornia • • • • • • 🌞 Heard of @takemoreadventures? 10% of every order is donated to partners: @treesforthefuture and @thelastwell. Use the link + code in my bio to get a 10% discount off your order.

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