Boppin' around downtown

I got lucky. I found a G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan bomber jacket last night at Crykit's Playhouse. DJ Crykit's pop-up vintage consignment-like clothing store is usually by appointment only -- where she curates one of a kind threads and merchandises them on Instagram so followers can get first dibs on her latest finds.  Crykit hosts a regular event at Commonwealth every second Thursday of the month where she gathers and showcases local artpreneurs, stylists, DJs and programming that not is not only full of flavorful characters of the homegrown Vegas fashion and hip hop scene -- but also brings the community together and pushes the local culture forward. DJ Crykit/Crykit's Playhouse has gotten a lot of cool recent local and national press, too (New York TImes, Las Vegas Weekly, and more). 

My talented friend Apollo Ballos was actually the one who "sold" me on this jacket. At first the jacket struck my eye because

a) as a fellow Tar Heel I can spot MJ from a mile away
b) UNC won against Miami last night
c) when I saw it hanging on the rack, I noticed it was like the tiniest thing - who else would fit into it? ha

...and then while I was obsessing over it and trying it on, he started recording my freakout. He played the footage back to me - and I was like: YUP. SOLD. THIS BELONGS TO ME NOW.

At the end of the night - we continued bopping around downtown. Here's a roll of shots captured by the incomparable Apollo. Homeboy's lighting and photog skills game makes DTLV look like a playground. Seriously feeling some XO vibes with these photos. Enjoy!

I'm excited to be back in Vegas for a few months :)


Photo Credit (all images): Apollo Ballos