i am a multimedia artist inspired by nature and culture,
i explore the world as an autodidact — constantly journaling and recording observations and experiences from my travels.
this is a place in a little corner of the internet where you are welcome to join me in these explorations.
feel free to research below to flip through my notes from the field.





Through 28+ years of personal enrichment passionately traversing across 20+ countries, I invest in thorough research and immersive experiences that examine the role of food and its historical context in communities and societies cross-culturally.

I am especially interested in diasporic narratives of food and how displaced populations adapt local/indigenous ingredients in the settled region to reconcile flavor profiles of/from the motherland.




Whether it's through nourishing bodywork or dietary consumption, the healing arts is a holistic learning experience requiring me to tune in to my body's innate wisdom and internal resources.  Extremely personal, the healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change using natural tools, elements, and vessels that are raw/essential. I'm devoted to incorporating holistic and metaphysical approaches of emotional and physical healing towards all of my personal and professional pursuits and projects. 

Exploring nature through activities like hiking, boating, swimming, camping, cooking I am endlessly curious, passionately investigating, and actively practicing yogic movement and philosophies that unite the mind + body + soul. 


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA English & Comparative Literature
Minors: Women's Studies, Art History
Class of 2012


for biz inquiries: flerinecrystal@gmail.com