WHAT TO EAT: tacos al pastor, ALL of the mezcal, + check out #fieldglobefoodnotesCDMX for more food tips

WHEN TO GO: Spring/Summer

WHO TO GO WITH: History lovers, foodies, adventure junkies, someone who speaks Spanish, mezcal enthusiasts, passionately political homies, art appreciators, party people


  • Hop aboard a trajinera and learn about the chinampas in Xochimilco, an urban eco-reserve tour exploring this pre-colonial system of canals and farmland / you can also plan a party/drinking version of this experience if that’s more of your vibe

  • Hike up, through, and around Teotihuacan, the pre-hispanic archeological complex with more history from ancient civilizations than you can even dare to fathom! 

  • Visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Museo Estudio and absorb the vibrations of their radical revolutionary contributions to art and history

  • Spend some time at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, an iconic cultural center of art, music, dance, theatre, and literature

  • Tour Estadio Azteca, the ninth largest multipurpose stadium in North America and home to Club América, Mexico’s national team

LANGUAGE: Spanish, Nahuatl, some English
BRING: hat/sunglasses, bandana, 


  • The city is LGBTQIA-friendly, especially in Zona Rosa

  • For solo traveling women — make sure you are alert when taking taxis/cabs as there have been some reports of tourist women getting taken advantage of in these situations. Also, if you opt for an Uber/Lyft/share ride — do not drink or eat complimentary water/beverages/refreshments offered by drivers.

  • POC welcome pretty much everywhere!

Check out my IG story highlights from our trip here.