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My #FurtheringJourney

"The phrase “two halves of life” was first popularized by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist. He says that there are two major tasks. In the first half [of life] you've got to find your identity, your significance; you create your ego boundaries, your ego structure, what I call “the creating of the container.” But that's just to get you started. In the second half of life, once you've created your ego structure, you finally have the courage to ask: What is this all for? What am I supposed to do with this? Is it just to protect it, to promote it, to defend it, or is there some deeper purpose? The search for meaning is the task of the second half of life."  -- Richard Rohr

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Reclaiming #WalangHiya: Enough

AnneMarie Ladlad created this digital space on Formation of a Filipinx American for women-identifying filipinxs to individually + collectively #reclaim the phrase #WalangHiya, which has been traditionally used to shame. I wrote this poem-prose hybrid as a contribution to the project and my personal reclamation.

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RECIPE: 5 ingredients for my 27 year old self

Today is my 27th birthday.

And I'm excited to keep on growing into the woman I'm turning out to be. And though author Neil Gaiman's new year's resolutions continue to be words of inspiration that take me from one year to the next -- this year is one I feel more empowered than ever to take responsibility for my decisions + being held accountable for my actions. It is about damn time to nourish relationships with myself and with my loved ones. Where 26 was about exploration, this next year will be about enrichment.

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